Don't worry, you can download a D4 form from this link: DVLAD4. We can order both sets of forms for you when you book your medical and take between 5-7 working days to arrive. If you require a taxi medical most councils issue a medical form specific to them and you may need to bring your medical records with you.

The answer is no! You can visit any GMC qualified doctor for a driver medical. In some cases taxi drivers will have to visit their own GP depending on their council's rules.

Yes. We carry out an eye test with every medical and this is included in the price. For those drivers who wear glasses for driving you will need to bring a prescription dated within the last 4 months to your appointment.

Don't worry. The doctor will refer you to your optician to get your eyes retested, which may result in you needing glasses for driving a Group 2 vehicle. After they have signed your form off its good to go to the DVLA.

We screen all drivers' urine to check for glucose levels, which can sometimes indicate signs of diabetes. Follow the link to see what the rules are from the DVLA. Diabetes Driving. We provide urine bottles and toilet facilities. It is very important the urine sample in done onsite to ensure it's a fresh true sample of the client coming for the examination.

For all the things required for your medical visit our 'things you need to bring' page or refer to your booking email.

The doctor completing all group 2 and taxi medicals does not make the decision whether you pass or fail. The doctors are purely instructed by the DVLA to complete an examination for the DVLA to make a decision. However if you have a fork lift truck or safety critical medical with us the doctor will make the decision if you have passed or failed the medical. Please note if the doctor finds anything that may be of concern he will make you aware of this and may not release your medical form.

- Take a blood pressure reading (if you have high blood pressure the doctor will take a further 3 readings) - Carry out an eye tests with and without glasses if worn for driving. - Test via dipstick your urine for possible signs of diabetes - List on the D4 Form any medication you may be currently taking - Ask some questions about previous medical history - Height will be recorded - Weight will be recorded