Due to a high volume of calls booking online will be the fastest way to make a medical appointment. Any other urgent queries please email us bookings@fit2drivemedicals.co.uk and we will respond immediately. Thank you

Fit 2 Drive Medicals carries out many motorsport medicals each year for all different kinds of sports. We have performed medicals on clients from TT racers, British Touring Car drivers and rally drivers. We can perform medicals for the following licensing bodies.

A motorsport medical is needed to establish if the driver is safe to compete and doesn't pose a threat to the safety of others competing. Some medicals require a resting ECG and we can carry this out at some of our locations, please call us to find out if we can offer a resting ECG at your local medical centre. The price for a resting ECG is £100 IN addition to the medical fee of £60.

There is no official legislation regarding medical screening of potential fork lift truck operators. However, it is recommended and good practice that operators are screened to ensure fitness before operating a fork lift truck.

It is advisable to repeat this at regular intervals up until the age of 40 and thereafter at five-yearly intervals up to the age of 65. Operators over 65 should be screened annually.

A medical examination is also recommended in all cases after an accident or sickness absence that has been longer than 1 month and also after short periods of sickness if the illness may affect fitness to operate the fork lift truck.

Should an operator or an employer become aware of or suspect a condition which may affect the operator's ability to safely drive a fork lift truck, then a medical examination should be carried out.

The medical for a fork lift truck operator is usually carried out via a questionnaire. However, FIT2DRIVE Medicals will, in addition to assessment of the questionnaire, also carry out blood pressure checks, urine and eyesight tests for additional peace of mind.

There is no official legislation regarding medical screening of crane operators. However it is recommended and good practice that operators should be screened before employment and at regular intervals thereafter.

In order to operate a mobile crane the regulations fall in the same category as HGV and LGV depending on the weight of the vehicle. The medical assessment will include:

  • Vision Assessment
  • Weight
  • Blood
  • Pressure
  • Measurement
  • Height
  • Urinalysis
  • Medical History questions

Fit 2 Drive Medicals offers plant operator medicals, which fall under the name of a Safety Critical Medical.

More and more companies now are asking for these medicals in order for you to carry out work on the site in question. There is two types of medicals Fit 2 Drive Medicals can offer and this is determined purely by the site you have been instructed to work on.

If you require a Safety Critical standard medical then the fee for this medical will be £150. This more in depth medical involves.

  • Audiometry
  • Colour Vision assessment
  • Spirometry
  • Flexibility assessment
  • Medical questionnaire with declaration

Please note these medicals can only be carried out at a limited number of our locations. Please call us if you would like to book a safety critical medical.

*The majority of recruitment agencies in the commercial sector will insist upon a medical assessment being carried out prior to entering any type of mechanically operational employment